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I have been computering for companies of varied sizes and types for 10+ years. My experience is mainly in systems administration (DevOps, SRE), IT security and programming. I try to stay on top of new technologies and practices and use them when/where appropriate. I am not bad at managing smaller projects and teams.

Selected employment history

Sr. Security Engineer at Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net [Bratislava, 2017 - present]

Security Engineer at First Data [Bratislava, 2016 - 2017]

Sr. Linux Systems Specialist at Eset [Bratislava, 2015 - 2016]

System and Network Administrator at Institute of Science and Technology [Vienna, 2013 - 2015]

System Administrator at Kedros [Bratislava, 2009 - 2011]

IT Auditor at Slovak Telekom [Bratislava, 2004 - 2006, 2011 - 2013]

Project Implementation Manager for Italian region at AT&T [Bratislava, 2004-2004]

Unix 1st line support specialist at Hewlett-Packard Slovakia [Bratislava, 2004-2004]

Technologies used professionally

(I especially enjoy those in bold)

Operating systems




Certificates and formal education