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IST => Deep Thoughts => Want to know the meaning of life?

This is the essence of the meaning of life. Once you read it, you will never be able to get it out of your subconcious mind. It will crack open the door to the next level of conciousness.

Your most previous incarnation, was a 9-month life inside your mother. During this life, you were developing the organs needed to exist on the next level. You were connected to your mother by the placenta, which kept you going while you developed.

After 9 months, you had to die , and were thrust out into the next level of existence. You had to leave your placenta behind, and now you have a new mother…. “Mother Earth”, and your body is your new placenta; which connects you to your new mother.

This new placenta, the human body, sustains you while your “soul” developes the spiritual organs needed to exist at the next level.

The gestation period for the human soul is roughly 50 to 100 years. It depends on the soul.

Eventually, you must die out of this incarnation, and leave your placenta (human body) behind. If you have developed your spiritual organs properly, you will be able to survive on the next level.