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Solving problems with software

Solve one problem at a time, don’t be overwhelmed by everything.


  1. Identify concrete tasks that will solve the problem.
  2. Write a little code implementing a concrete task.
  3. Write tests for your code and deploy ASAP.
  4. Repeat 1. - 3. until the problem is solved.
  5. Refactor for change by decoupling.
  6. Refactor for readibility by reviewing mental model, naming and cleverness.

Design programs as layers of API:

  1. Primitive layer - do one thing well, not exported, unit tested
  2. Low layer - builds on primitive layer, may be exported, unit tested (might replace primitive layer tests)
  3. High layer - for ease of use, exported, unit/integration tested

When am I done?

Source: Bill Kennedy’s Ultimate Go Programming video course.