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Sysadmins have been traditionally separate from application developers and project managers. The theory was that developers push products forward with new features meanwhile change-resistant ops team would provide 24x7 management of production environments. This arrangement often creates tremendous internal conflict and fails to meet the needs of the business and its clients.

DevOps is a set of techniques to solve the chronic conflict between Development an IT Operations. DevOps is an emerging field in operations. The practice of DevOps typically appears in web applications and cloud environments, but its influence is spreading to all parts of all industries.

The principles behind DevOps work patterns are the same principles that transformed manufacturing. DevOps has been formed by:

The Three Ways

“The Three ways” mentioned in The Phoenix Project book are the underpinning principles that all the DevOps patterns can be derived from.

The First Way - systems thinking

To maximaze left-to-right flow of work (from Dev to Ops to the customer) we need

Necessary practices:

The Second Way - feedback

To prevent problems from happening again or enable faster detection and recovery we need:


The Third Way - experimentation & repetition

To have a healthy work environment we need a culture that fosters:



C[L]AMS: culture, [lean,] automation, measurement, and sharing. – D. Edwards, J. Willis (2010)







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